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I am delighted, to now be able to offer real-time Transperineal Ultrasound (TPUS) assessment and bio-feedback of pelvic floor muscle function.

What is TPUS? – an ultrasound transducer is placed over the perineum (under part of the pelvic floor), allowing a sagittal plane image of the pelvic organs (bladder, vagina/uterus and rectum) and pelvic floor muscles. The patient is asked to perform a pelvic floor muscle contraction and in real time we can see on the screen whether the muscle is contracting properly, if the organs are moving in response to the contraction and also if the muscle relaxes and the organs return to their starting position. We can also look at what happens to the organs during certain manoeuvres such as coughing and straining. Whilst it does not necessarily take the place of a vaginal or rectal palpation examination, TPUS can be a very useful tool to provide bio-feedback, especially if the patient is having trouble achieving or feeling a PFM contraction. Being able to see the muscles and the organs moving in response to your efforts can be reassuring and validating.

It can prove very useful for women of all ages; and for men, especially those who are about to undergo, or have already had, surgery for prostate cancer. In this scenario it may take the place of an internal or surface palpation assessment of male PFM function, which many men find confronting and potentially embarrassing. Being able to see the muscles moving and working on the screen provides immediate feedback of correct isolation, quality, strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles…

After all what is the point of doing exercises if you are not doing them correctly????

Even though the ultrasound transducer will be covered with plastic wrap or a latex glove , it is still mandatory that it be treated after each use, with a high level disinfection process. At Restore, to ensure the utmost safety for our patients we use the TGA approved, Tristel 3-part high level disinfection system, which comes at a cost to the clinic of $10 per application. Thus there will be a $10 surcharge on all TPUS sessions. You will be informed of this surcharge before the commencement of the session.

If you have any further questions about this exciting new assessment and bio-feedback modality now available at Restore Allied Health please call Kristy Andrew (Women and Mens’ Pelvic Health Physiotherapist) on 53030333.

Clinical Pilates Timetable – Commencing Mon 8/7/2018


Here is the timetable for the all new Restore Allied Health’s Clinical Pilates, commencing Mon 8/7/2018.

Classes descriptions are as follows:

Fit for 2 (antenatal) (Tues 6- 6.50pm); (Thurs 6-6.50pm); and (Sat 10-10.50am)max 4 Clients per session ($45) These 50 minute classes will include a mixture of strength, balance and postural awareness exercise, using the clinical pilates equipment, fitballs, bands and slide board, with an emphasis on efficient and safe movement.  Individual needs and conditions will be taken into account with a tailored and individual exercise program.

 Mum and Bub (postnatal)…. Tues 11-11.50, Sat 9.00 -9.45.  4 clients per session ($45) – for women from 6 weeks post- natal to 9 months… (babies in prams) welcome. The class will be a mixture of strength, balance and postural exercise using the pilates equipment, fitballs, bands and the slide board, with a particular emphasis on “restoring” the strength of the abdominals and pelvic floor muscles.  An essential “core” and overall strength preparation, for new mums who are keen to resume their usual exercise routines as soon (and as safely), as possible.  We may even have a wonderful “baby sitter” in some of the sessions, to pop in a dummy, give a cuddle or walk the pram…

New mum’s “Time Out” (post-natal)….. Sat 8-8.50 (just mums);  9-9.50 (babies optional)4 clients per session as above, but for those who may want a little well deserved “time-out” from their bundles of joy….Tell partners the class goes for 90 mins, and pop to the Turret for a coffee afterwards..ssshhhh

Restore and Revive Pilates…. Mon and Thurs (12-12.50pm) 5 Clients per session ($45) – a 12-16 week program for women who are undergoing or have recently completed (in the last 12 months) breast cancer treatment.  To “restore” fitness, strength, endurance, confidence and revive the mind.

 Women’s Inner strength….. Mon 9-9.50  5 Clients per session ($45) a specially tailored class for women who have undergone gynaecological or abdominal surgery and/or have pelvic floor issues .  A special emphasis will be placed on the core, back and pelvic strength.

 Men’s inner strength5 Clients per session ($45) – a specially tailored Men’s only class, targeted at men who have undergone prostate cancer treatment (and are at least 6 weeks post-surgery), to improve strength, core stability and confidence.  A special emphasis will be placed on how to exercise and without stressing the pelvic floor…times TBA.

8am           New mums’ time-out
9am Womens’ Inner Strength         New Mums’ Time-out/ Mum &Bub
10am           Fit for 2
11am   Mum & Bub        
12pm Revive & Restore     Revive & Restore    
6pm   Fit for 2   Fit for 2    

6 weeks in Restore Lifestages Physiotherapy

Hi All,

Jen and I are now 6 weeks in to our new business Restore Allied Health, and we are absolutely loving I!!  I will be posting a little blog each week to give you updates about what is going at the clinic and any information/thoughts that may be of interest.  Look forward to catching up soon.  Cheers Kristy

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