Day: July 10, 2018

Clinical Pilates Timetable – Commencing Mon 8/7/2018


Here is the timetable for the all new Restore Allied Health’s Clinical Pilates, commencing Mon 8/7/2018.

Classes descriptions are as follows:

Fit for 2 (antenatal) (Tues 6- 6.50pm); (Thurs 6-6.50pm); and (Sat 10-10.50am)max 4 Clients per session ($45) These 50 minute classes will include a mixture of strength, balance and postural awareness exercise, using the clinical pilates equipment, fitballs, bands and slide board, with an emphasis on efficient and safe movement.  Individual needs and conditions will be taken into account with a tailored and individual exercise program.

 Mum and Bub (postnatal)…. Tues 11-11.50, Sat 9.00 -9.45.  4 clients per session ($45) – for women from 6 weeks post- natal to 9 months… (babies in prams) welcome. The class will be a mixture of strength, balance and postural exercise using the pilates equipment, fitballs, bands and the slide board, with a particular emphasis on “restoring” the strength of the abdominals and pelvic floor muscles.  An essential “core” and overall strength preparation, for new mums who are keen to resume their usual exercise routines as soon (and as safely), as possible.  We may even have a wonderful “baby sitter” in some of the sessions, to pop in a dummy, give a cuddle or walk the pram…

New mum’s “Time Out” (post-natal)….. Sat 8-8.50 (just mums);  9-9.50 (babies optional)4 clients per session as above, but for those who may want a little well deserved “time-out” from their bundles of joy….Tell partners the class goes for 90 mins, and pop to the Turret for a coffee afterwards..ssshhhh

Restore and Revive Pilates…. Mon and Thurs (12-12.50pm) 5 Clients per session ($45) – a 12-16 week program for women who are undergoing or have recently completed (in the last 12 months) breast cancer treatment.  To “restore” fitness, strength, endurance, confidence and revive the mind.

 Women’s Inner strength….. Mon 9-9.50  5 Clients per session ($45) a specially tailored class for women who have undergone gynaecological or abdominal surgery and/or have pelvic floor issues .  A special emphasis will be placed on the core, back and pelvic strength.

 Men’s inner strength5 Clients per session ($45) – a specially tailored Men’s only class, targeted at men who have undergone prostate cancer treatment (and are at least 6 weeks post-surgery), to improve strength, core stability and confidence.  A special emphasis will be placed on how to exercise and without stressing the pelvic floor…times TBA.

8am           New mums’ time-out
9am Womens’ Inner Strength         New Mums’ Time-out/ Mum &Bub
10am           Fit for 2
11am   Mum & Bub        
12pm Revive & Restore     Revive & Restore    
6pm   Fit for 2   Fit for 2    

Men’s Health Week

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This week (11th-16th June) is Men’s Health week, a week dedicated to raising the awareness of men’s health issues, both physical and mental.  My particular interest in this, (apart from that fact that I have some great men and boys in my life), is that I treat men with pelvic pain and incontinence issues (particularly in relation to post-prostatectomy surgery).  Unfortunately one of the most common sequelae to prostatectomy is urinary continence, and almost all men will experience it in the early days post surgery.  The reason for this, is that the prostate wraps around the urethra at the level of the urethral sphincter muscle, and it is unavoidably damaged with removal of the prostate.  The good news is that for most men these symptoms do resolve withing 12 months…. the better news is that symptoms can be reduced in the recovery phase, by doing consistent and targeted pelvic floor exercises (PFXs).

However, until such problems occur many men are unaware of their pelvic floor muscles or even that they have a pelvic floor.  How do you find them? How do you exercise them? and How do they improve continence?  Well that is where I can help.  I am a Men and Womens’ Health Physiotherapist and our number one treatment is to assist with strengthening of these muscles.  There need be no embarrassing, invasive examinations; I offer real-time ultrasound assessment of pelvic floor muscle function, as well as practical tips and advice to get through this challenging time.  So blokes, there is nothing to be afraid of…you have nothing to lose by giving PFXs a try… and ladies tell your fella’s to “man up” and sort out their urinary issues.  Cheers Kristy Andrew (Physiotherapist – Restore – Lifestages Physiotherapy).

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